what if bees disappear?

What if bees disappear?

What if bees disappear? If bees disappeared, there would be no pollination, no grass, no animals and no men. So disturbing is the fact that bees are disappearing throughout the planet little by little.

Most of the crops that provided food worldwide are pollinated with the help of bees. If bees disappeared, plants could not be pollinated and, therefore, they could not reproduce, which would cause their extinction. When plants disappear, herbivores would not have food and they would disappear too. Then, it would be the turn of carnivorous animals.

The question is why bees are disappearing. About this matter there is no a conclusive answer. On one hand, it is said that the death of bees is Bees-Purple-And-Yellow-Flowers-544x960caused by the effects of pesticides and the use of certain fertilizers and crops. The mixture of these chemicals interferes with the learning circuitry of the insects´ brains. They become slow to learn or they forget completely all of the basic associations for their survival, i.e. how to link the floral aroma with the food. To put it in simple words, bees are dying because they are not able to feed themselves.

On the other hand, it is also postulated that air pollution reduces the power of the chemical messages emitted by flowers and for bees and other insects it is harder to locate them. As well the effects of the climate change aggravate the situation because it alters the cycles of flowering and pollination of plants.

Finally it is estimated that the disappearance of bees may also be caused by the presence of a fungus in the hives that kills bees and it favors the appearance of parasites. The presence of invasive species from other regions of the world harms native species. Even the effects of the electromagnetic fields generated by the emissions from electrical poles and telecommunication antennas could confuse bees.

Whatever the cause, what is obvious is that bee population is dwindling and bees are vital specie for the survival of this wonderful planet.  Hopefully together we can find solutions before reaching the edge. Albert Einstein said that if bees disappeared, man would only have four years of life.


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