Teff, a small cereal with large properties

Teff is a brown small grain cereal from Ethiopia that has been consumed for more than five thousand years ago in Africa. It´s a seed from the family of the poaceae whose scientific name is Eragrostis Tef. This cereal adapts perfectly to arid climates and terrains and is very resistant to insects and diseases.

Its nutritional value is higher than other cereals. It´s also gluten free, which makes it an excellent option for celiacs.

Most of the grain is composed of starch. So it has smilar characteristics than rice and contains an important source of caloric energy. Teff is rich in calcium, magnesium and the eight essential amino acids. It also releases carbohydrates slowly, which makes its consumption beneficial for athletes. It provides energy quickly and in a prolonged way. Having a high content of iron, it improves blood oxygenation and increases physical performance.

Being a huge source of nutrients and vitamins, it brings numerous benefits to our body. It is the cereal with the higher content of calcium. One hundred and thirty grams of cooked teff provides the same amount of calcium than a glass of cow milk. Because it contains neither fats nor cholesterol, it is healthier and is perfect for those lactose intolerant or vegan persons.

It is recommended for those people who want to control their weight or regulate their appetite. It also acts as a probiotic, stimulating the intestinal flora.

Teff can be consumed in different ways. It can be added as cooked grain in salads. It can also be used as flour to make bread, cakes, creams or even sauces. Finally, it can be added to cereals as flakes.

This is a link to check a recipe to prepare injera, which is a traditional Ethiopian bread prepared with teff flour, http://herboecolife.com/en/recetas/injera-traditional-ethiopian-bread

We also add another link to watch a video that explains how injera is prepared in the traditional way, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncj_MEKckIw&gl=GB&feature=related&hl=en-GB


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