What´s seitan?

Seitan is a food that is made from wheat flour, wheat gluten specifically. It is also called vegetable meat because its appearance is so similar to this once prepared.

It is prepared by kneading and forming flour dumplings in the same way as bread or a pizza are made. After, a washing process would ultimately eliminate all the flour and leave only the gluten. Then it is boiled with soy sauce and kombu seaweed for a greater intake of vitamins and minerals.


This nutrient has many properties. Just adding to our diet seitan improve various aspects of our nutrition.

  • It is a food with a high amount of protein, almost 24% of its total weight.
  • It is much more digestible and softer than oher food rich in animal protein such as eggs, meat and milk.
  • Seitan is recommended for those suffering from high cholesterol because it is low in fat.
  • It is very low in calories.
  • It cannot be taken by people intolerant to gluten, as it is composed of gluten.
  • It has nothing to envy to meat for proteins and also has not been treated with antibiotics, hormones, etc.
  • It´s a source of B vitamin and iron. It also contains more calcium than meat.
  • Its content in lecithin is abundant.
  • It is low in sodium so it is recommended for those suffering from hypertension or fluid retention.
  • It doesn´t contain any sugar.

Due to its high protein content, seitan is a perfect food for athletes who seek to develop their musculature and / or increase their muscle mass. It is also ideal for children who are growing by the contribution of protein to build their body.

Overall, this is a highly recommended food because their properties are very beneficial for our health.8da8f47e50f643c938cdb0e6fc0243ab

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