Orgonites, Energy Balancers

Orgonites are energy balancers. We live in a world where the energies move continually. Our bodies are a vehicle always exposed to electromagnetic fields due to our life style. We are always surrounded by equipment, machinery and daily tools as mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc.

What can we do to protect us from all this continuous exposition to all kind of electromagnetic fields?


There are electromagnetic fields everywhere in the environment where we live that are invisible to the human eye. The electromagnetic fields are produced by accumulation of electric charges in certain areas of the atmosphere by the effect of storms. Earth´s magnetic field causes the orientation of the compass needles in the direction North-South and birds and fishes use it to orientate.

Living beings have been always exposed to electromagnetic influences. Sunlight and its infrared rays, cosmic rays, are examples of these natural radiations.

However, the early 20th century, the development of radiations generated by the humankind as the electricity and the radiofrequencies began to spread all around the world. These radiations emanate from basic applications such as transformers, engines, refrigerators, electric heating systems or communication systems as TV and radio, computers and mobile phones.


Electromagnetic pollution is produced by radiations of the electromagnetic spectrum that affect electric equipments and living beings. High rates of cancer in children and elder persons living in areas close to electrical towers as the recent controversy about the use of mobile phones have contributed to create a general concern in our society.


It´s known that intense electromagnetic fields about 50-60 hertz, and their correspondent electromagnetic radiation, are harmful for living beings. A long term exposition can cause a weakened immune system, exacerbating any other preexisting health problem. This can be associated to a power loss or fatigue feeling and sometimes with a deterioration in work performance, sleep disorders and emotional instability. There´s a higher number of persons more sensible to electromagnetic radiations. They can feel symptoms such as tingling in the fingers, depression, difficulty in memorizing and even seizures.

On the other hand, the chronic exposition to high levels of electromagnetic radiation, especially when you are asleep, can create chronic stress.

Among the symptoms related to the overexposure to electromagnetic fields it can be highlighted: effects on pregnancy, cataracts, cancer, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, depression and behavioral changes.


Orgone is an energy that flows in our planet. It was discovered by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who studied the energy present in nature, known by many cultures as ‘chi’, ‘prana’, ‘ki’, etc. He called it ‘ORGONE’. This energy can be found around us, but not all is beneficial for humans, plants and animals. This energy exists naturally under different forms.

There are three kinds of orgone:

  • ‘OR’, that can be neutral
  • ‘DOR’, negative
  • ‘POR’, positive

Its effect is to modulate the electromagnetic fields around us. The human being has its own electromagnetic field because we create energy in our vital processes and we are composed by minerals as well.


Orgone decreases the harmful radiations around us (electromagnetic fields from the electric wiring, computers, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, mobile phone antennas, electric equipments in general, etc.).

Orgonites can also present effects in our bodies and not only around us. Its great advantage is that orgonites are passive elements, i.e. they don´t depend on any other energy source and their duration is unlimited. Orgonites don´t need to be recharged. Besides, orgonites have a wide spectrum, i.e. they work on huge quantity of electromagnetic radiations of different wave length.


Its working is based in the electric capacity of quartz, i.e. its capacity to produce electricity when undergoes a pressure or vibration. When orgonites are included in an organic matrix with metal chips, orgonites are able to act as an electro modulator element. It´s like a filter for all kind of radiations. But it´s not exactly a filter. It´s more like a stabilizer.

The organic resin retains the electromagnetic energy in the inside, helping like that to the quartz. Then the compressed quartz inside the resin creates an electron flux that, combined with the electromagnetic wave, changes it in healing and positive energy.


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