Linen seeds contain a substance which resembles the prostaglandin that regulates the pressure and arterial function and plays an important role in fat, calcium and energy metabolism.
Linen also blocks estrogen process. This is because it has a rare combination of a weak estrogen and omega-3 fatty acid. Therefore it is a potent anti-cancer.
Linen seeds have lots of dietary fiber. They are the richest known plant source of Omega 3 fatty acids and the richest source of weak estrogens, which makes it a superfood. Linen can also reduce estrogen in fat cells, limiting the effect of estrogen stimulation, prolonging the menstrual period and increasing the number of carriers of estrogen.
Its amount of fiber is superior to any other grain. Linen is highly recommended in diets to lose weight, reduce cholesterol and prevent constipation. Linen contains more Omega 3 that fish or any vegetable or cereal. Lignans act in the prevention of breast and colon cancer and these are available to all people simply adding  ground linen seeds to their diets.
Lignins, according to scientific research, fight chemicals that cause cancerous tumors and block estrogen receptors, which may reduce the risk of various different cancers.

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