black garlic

Black Garlic

Black garlic is produced by the fermentation of its bulbs at temperatures around 65-80 ° C in a humidity-controlled environment for nearly a month. After this time, the garlic become black. Then it is left to oxidize for about 45 days to acquire a sweet taste like a plum.

Black garlic can be eaten raw or cooked in the same way as fresh garlic. Although garlic is the only component of black garlic it is likely that the taste does not resemble anything you could have tried before. Black garlic is full of complex flavors. Its texture is soft and tender and its smell is very nice.

Moisture and fat in fresh garlic is greatly reduced through fermentation. Trace elements are significantly higher, while proteins, sugar and vitamins are more than double that of fresh garlic. It is a totally natural and healthy food. It contains 18 from 20 amino acids and it provides all the 8 essential acids.

Its antioxidant capacity is significantly increased 10 times that of fresh garlic, while the essential garlic efficiency is not reduced. Black garlic is obtained as a food without any additives, just by aging itself.

Black garlic contains more amino acids than fresh garlic, essentials for the proper development of the organism. The effects of fresh garlic and properties are significantly enhanced by fermentation thereof. Besides its skills in the fight against aging and antioxidants are higher than common garlic.

Black garlic prevents and is very effective for diabetes and hypertension and helps prevent cancer. It improves body immunity. It helps resist fatigue and aging effectively. Also it helps in adjusting blood pressure, levels of blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It removes fatigue, improves physical strength, prevents colds, protects the liver and improves the activity of the prostate.

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