rose hip oil

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is a vegetable oil with great properties for conventional and aesthetic medicinal uses. It is extracted from the seeds of a wild shrub of the family of roses (Rosa moschata or Rosa Rubiginosa). Its composition has numerous essential fatty acids (omega 6, omega 3, linoleic acid), antioxidants and vitamins (retinol – vitamin A, vitamin C, E) that make it an essential item in any home.

Many scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of Rosehip Oil against some ailments, diseases and even for the care of the skin, thanks to its regenerative effects. Among some of its benefits and properties we find:

  • Delay Signs of Premature Aging and Wrinkles

  • Improves Skin Stretch Marks

  • Combat the effects of Photo-Aging

  • Rehydrates Dry Skin

  • Reduce Surgical and Accidental Scars

  • Improves Burned Skin Regeneration

  • Relieves Arthritis Pain and Osteoarthritis

  • Strengthens the Immune System and Stimulates Blood Circulation

    It is also possible to take Rosehip Oil in pearls orally. The vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids contained in Rosehip are a perfect complement to strengthen our immune system and stimulate the blood circulation in our body.

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